Quick Dry

Quick dry fabric also called sweat-wicking of moisture-management fabrics. They help people feel fresh in any condition, reduce the visibility of sweat patches, and better regulate body temperature.

Fabric technology can help athletes, travellers, and nature lovers to achieve their performance goals by overcoming natural challenges such as rising humidity levels, temperature changes, and sweat production.  It could be made from special construction of yarn or a high tech application chemical substance apply on the fabric to make fabric have a quick dry property.


How does it work?

Quick-dry fabrics are fabrics designed to absorb the sweat away from your body, pushing it towards the outer edge of the garment or footwear and facilitating natural evaporation.

Quick dry fabric are Moisture-wicking fabric usually are highly breathable. Quick dry fabrics push moisture away from the body. They contain polyester, which doesn’t absorb as much water as cotton. Moisture-wicking fabrics help you cool down.

Quick Dry Features –

  • Wicking moisture quickly, Protecting the body from high humidity levels
  • Helping people hide sweat marks and patched, reducing odors
  • Reducing skin irritation and heat rashes
  • Staying dry in extreme weather or during strenuous physical activity


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