Instant Heat

Instant heat is from passively keeping warm into actively generating warmth in the cold weather. This is using a combination of carbon nanotube, graphene and fullerene technology, a new generation of Smart Textile Heating Technology. As far as our knowledge and understanding, the temperature by using conductive fibre is normally 40+ degree, while instant heat is up to 53 ºC. By using low voltage current, instant heat is able to support the heating condition; while conductive fibre needs high voltage to meet the same as instant warm. Hence, under the same condition, instant heat is more effective and safe.

instant heat graphene

How does it work?

This heating module combines with the apparels to give consumers superior technological, comfortable, fashionable and hands-on experience. It is characterized by its flexibility to apply on any textile heating by just connecting to a power bank with USB connector. Activate heat as low as 5 voltage (human safely can take equal or below 36 voltage). The even heat distribution on the heat sheet– not gain heat by traditional wire, just by clicking the button that sewn on the garment.

Temperature switch | cpu
4 heat levels : 38C (white) | 44C (green) | 49C (violet)| 53C (red)
Controller is washable
High precision sensor thermostatic control
Over-heated protection

Instant-Heat Features –

• 38ºC-53ºC warming control
• 80% electricity – energy conversion
• Extremely Safe non wire heat transfer
• Soft electric heating solution
• Washable
• Enhance Health (Far infrared light 6 -14μm)


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